It took me a while to get through over 3000 pictures, but I finally managed to pick a few favorites. Right after my return, I showed them to the bf and he was like ‘picture overload!!!’. And since I took a lot of pictures with both my camera and iphone, It was a time consuming task to arrange them. Damn you 3000+ pictures, there’s no end to it. But hey, admit it, when you’re on holiday, the inner Chinese tourist (excluding their terrible bad manners) comes up and makes you take pictures of everything. Selfie pods and Go Pro overload everywhere! What, you don’t have a ‘selfie-pod’?? Better google it and get one before you go on holiday! :)

It took me also a while to get back to my Belgian routine (and blog routine, sorry about that). And I just found out that I did not really tell you anything about my trip. As you may have guessed: Thailand was fantastic! I would recommend it to you all! I hope to go back to Asia soon! I tried to win the bf (who has no interest in going there, go figure) over, but I made a mistake about mentioning the mosquitoes… I’ll try again later, that’s for sure. But hey, I hope the few pictures I have selected may win you over for a Thailand trip of your own. In later posts, I’ll give you more details about what we did, how we did it and what you really should visit. Not to forget what you should eat! ;)

Of all things Thai, I miss the food the most. (Belgian Thai stores are making lots of money on my the last few weeks).

Pardon my tourist pictures, maybe postcards was not the ideal description. :D I might have gotten an obsession with monkeys, so the ‘monkey special’ follows in the near future.


IMG_1180 IMG_1522 IMG_3308 IMG_3949 IMG_1324 IMG_3961 IMG_1446 IMG_1491 IMG_3438 IMG_3972





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  • Tess

    Oh wauw, wat een mooie foto’s! Vooral die derde. Zag er zalig uit

    • Grietje

      Dank je Tess. Het was super, maar ik was serieus stijf voor een paar dagen na die olifantentocht. :)

  • lovelifelovefashion

    Ooh Grietje! Zalige foto’s! Zeker die met de olifant die je, uuhm, kust/aanvalt? :p

    En damn, dat je bf geen interesse heeft in Azië is super weird. Er zijn echt zoveel mooie plekjes die ik maar al te graag zou zien.

    x Aurélie

    • Grietje

      Ja idd, was even verschieten, heel mijn gezicht zit in die slurf. :) Welja, hij haat lang vliegen en het zegt hem niet echt iets. Nu, ik zal mijn overtuigingskracht nog eens goed moeten laten werken. :)

  • Titi

    supermooie foto’s!!! ;-) Thx again for a wonderful trip!!!! And I really don’t mind it that much that you can’t convince your BF… More BFF trips for me! :-D xxx

    • Grietje

      Thank you my dear Titi! We had such a great time. En idd, nog een hele wereld om te ontdekken… Costa Rica, Bali, … :D

  • SprinklesOnACupcake

    Oh my, wat een gewéldige foto’s, echt!!!

    • Grietje

      Thx! Zalig om zo weer die herinneringen naar boven te halen. :)

  • Eline |

    Ma zaaaalig!

  • Kelly

    Zalige foto’s! Ik had er nog iets meer van onze US trip, het is inderdaad de hel om daaruit een selectie te maken.

  • Matthias Geerts

    Wauw! leuke foto’s staat zeker ook nog op mijn lijst! :D