Hi guys. It has been a while since my last post. The big reason of the silence is that I have been working on a new project, one that I’d like to introduce to you today. As some of you might know (if you ever read my ‘about’ :) ), I have a background in trendwatching, innovation, consumer insights, … It consumes most of my time, both during work hours as after. I like to know all about new innovations, tech evolutions, cool design and gadgets, advertising, … So after thinking about it for a while (and getting frustrated that local press is really late with spreading the word about cool new stuff), I launched SpottingtheCool.com. Spotting the Cool is an online magazine that focusses on “all things cool”, and more specifically: the coolest innovations, startups, apps, design and consumer trends. BUT, since there are a lot of international blogs and online magazines that cover these items, I chose to write in Dutch.

No worries, this is definitely not the end of Second Agenda. I have a lot of great things coming in 2016. More about that soon. But I don’t see the content of Spotting the Cool fit here, that’s why I chose to create a new platform.

But for now, underneath a visual presentation of a selection of the the cool stuff Spotting the Cool has to offer.




Want to get in the know? Do follow or like Spotting the Cool! And there’s this cool weekly newsletter as well! Hint hint.  :)

Let me know what you think about ik, curious to hear your thoughts. :)




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  • http://www.sprinklesonacupcake.com SprinklesOnACupcake

    Ik zag al je leuke gadgets verschijnen via facebook, tof!

    • http://www.secondagenda.be/ Grietje

      Thx! :)

  • http://www.dogsanddresses.com/ Elien | DOGSANDDRESSES.COM

    Wauw wist niet dat het jouw concept was! Cool! X

    • http://www.secondagenda.be/ Grietje

      Thx! :) En goed dat al mijn gespam op facebook dus niet storend werkt ;)

  • http://www.diamondsanddachshunds.weebly.com Diamonds and Dachshunds

    Wow that is awesome! I’ll definitely be following Spotting The Cool! 2016 sounds like its off to a great start for you!

    xxxx from Emily // diamondsanddachshunds.weebly.com