Hi guys! Today I show you a bit of my workspace in Amsterdam. Although I blog a lot out of my couch, a nice desk is a necessity for a blogger. I use it to drop all my things on, and to do my make-up and to make product pictures. But today it’s all about my new discovery that found a pretty spot on my desk: Sonos! Since a few weeks I have a Sonos Play:1 at my Amsterdam HQ. And I LOVE it!

For those who do’t know a thing about how a Sonos works and how it’s different from a regular speaker or bluetooth speaker, let me explain. Sonos is a wireless Hi-Fi system, works on wi-fi and not on bluetooth. So just like you connect your phone, Google Chromecast, … to your wi-fi network, the same is done with your Sonos speaker. So wherever you are in reach of your wireless internet connection, your Sonos will work. And the goal with Sonos is that in the end, you have a speaker in every room. So you can pick the same/different music per room. The Sonos app on your mobile phone is the startpoint for everything. From installation until connecting with different services and creating your rooms. In the app you can choose different services like Spotify, Deezer, Google Play music, … In no time your place is filled with a great beat.

Review Sonos Play:1

Ok, I spoiled it already by saying that I LOVE it. :) But to tell the whole story, I’m used to have bluetooth speakers in my house, more specific in my bathroom. I love to put sing-along music on while taking a shower. But to be honest, it takes a lot of effort: put on bluetooth (which eats your battery), find and connect with the speaker, open your music/Spotify app and press play. Now that I discovered Sonos, I can see a world of difference. I only have to open my Sonos app and pick my favourite Spotify playlist. Easy as that. Or I go to the speaker and press the start button, then my current playlist will take off from where it ended before. Both my iPhone and Play:1 are already connected with my wi-fi network, so no extra steps are needed. Aaaaand I really love it that I can start my favorite Spotify from upstairs in my bed. Call me lazy, but I have a soft spot for userfriendy, simple and pretty things. Did I mention the music quality already? Also a totally different experience from what I was used to. I am truly amazed about the reach of this smallest Sonos device, it’s really good! I had to get used to the fact that everything goes via the Sonos app, and no longer via Spotify. I think it’s great, but the Spotify service interface is not that easy as the real Spotify app. It just works different.

Friday it’s my birthday, I think I’ll spoil myself with a bit more Sonos. :)



Very user friendly
Pretty design
Awesome music quality
Easy installation
Spotify and other services
Button to start/stop current playlist
Seamless wi-fi


It’s kind of addictive and I just might want another one (or two) ;-)
My neighbour complained about my early-morning-music-routine. Hmm…
I had to get used to the Spotify-service, I prefer the Spotify app

IMG_4691 IMG_4723 IMG_4714 IMG_4713

The Sonos Play:1 exists in both black and white and costs about 199 euro. Currently there’s a great deal when buying a 2 room starter pack with two Play:1 speakers.

More info here.

What do you think?



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  • http://chroniclesofagingergirl.blogspot.be/ Nikki | The Ginger Diaries

    Klinkt nog wel als een tof hebbedingetjes! Voorlopig hebben we nog een ander wifi-speaker systeem, maar mocht dat ooit falen dan weet ik wat te proberen :) xo

  • Fashionwise V

    OK! Wants it :-) #wishlisted

  • http://www.anoukmeetsfashion.com/ Anouk Lannoo

    Heel leuke review! Ook op mijn wishlist! :)