Since I was little I had few allergies. One of them is my allergy for house dust mites. You may have heard about those little basterds that live in your house and are the main reason for allergic symptoms like itching watering eyes, sneezing, runny nose, stuffy ears and so on.. Although these eight-legged creatures don’t bite, they can get you out of your sleep. 90% of all house dust mites live in your mattress and pillow. The two million little basterds love the warmth and moist and eat your skin flakes. It’s not the house mite that you’re allergic for, it’s their faeces.

Today almost one third of Belgians suffer from one or more allergies. And I’m one of them. Not many people are aware of this. But I’ve summed up the symptoms above. If they’ re familiar to you, you might have an allergy and you’d better get tested. When you act upon it, you’ll sleep much better. I can tell! :)


One of the solutions is SmartSleeve. A week before Christmas I got invited for a company visit at Bekaert Textiles, global market leader in mattress fabrics. The Bekaert Academy was founded to ensure a good night’s sleep in the best possible circumstances. By conducting research into the application of smart materials, sleep experts and engineers are able to arrive at revolutionary and innovative solutions, like SmartSleeve.

Now what is Smartsleeve actually? It is a mattress protector with added benefits. These added benefits are probiotics (living microorganisms) that ‘destroy’ the faeces of the house dust mites. Hereunder a more technical description of how it works.



How does it work exactly?

Probiotics are friendly microorganisms that are incorporated in the fabric using encapsulated spores, like in the plant world. The microcapsules burst open due to friction between the body and mattress (mattress protector) or between the head and pillow (pillow protector). The probiotics then begin to absorb moisture, and the microclimate in the mattress is dehydrated. Once activated, the probiotics consume the faeces of house dust mites, the cause of allergic reactions. Probiotics are also used in yogurts to guarantee healthy microflora.

This is how the SmartSleeve looks like. It’s very airy (3D technology) and you can see the microcapsules in the image underneath. (You can’t see them in real, they’re very very small :) ).




 The test

And the good thing is that I’m testing the SmartSleeve since then. I have a mattress and pillow SmartSleeve on my bed. It’s interesting to know that after 7 months you’ve purchased your mattress, the house dust mites come.. and stay! So a good thing that I have a SmartSleeve now. It’s not only that the active probiotics in SmartSleeve significantly reduce the chance of allergic reactions and the development of asthma, the 3D technology reduces the pressure of your body on your mattress. This makes you lose less moisture while sleeping. It’s hard to explain, but the 3D structure is very airy and it’s is very pleasant to lie on it. Although I’m only testing it for over a month (and it takes two weeks to activate the organisms), I perceived improvement. When I was in Switzerland on snowboardingtrip, I had to sleep in another bed and I only had my pillow with me. My eyes were all trip very watering and I was all sneezy. Then I knew I missed my SmartSleeve already! :)


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House dust mite allergy?

If you have the same symptoms and your not sure it is house dust mite allergy that you’re having, you can get easily tested with your doctor. If you want to know ‘how bad it is with your bed’, you can get a test with your pharmacist.

Want to know more about SmartSleeve Allergen Protected? You can find all information here. Next to the Allergen Protected, they also have other SmartSleeves: Ventilated, Relaxed, Mosquito protected, Thermo Regulated & Waterproof. More information about the other products you can find here.


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I say NO to sleep disrupters! What about you?




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