Last Thursday I was invited by Eurostar to discover the Savage Beauty exhibition of Alexander McQueen in press preview. Of course I could not say no to this amazing proposal! So Thursday morning #teambelgium departed for London. I was really happy to get invited for this lovely experience and have a great day in London with Nathalie, one of my blogger friends that I don’t see that often anymore (because of my move to Amsterdam). After a delicious breakfast in the Eurostar and lots of blogger talk, we arrived in pretty London. There we directly went to the  very busy press preview of the exhibition. After the press preview we had a glass of wine on a sunny terrace and a delicious lunch at Aubaine. After lunch we did a little shopping and ended the day with a cocktail at Brasserie Zedel. Aaaah the good life!

Now, let me tell you more about the main reason why we were in london! :)



In the Victoria and Albert (V&A) museum Alexander McQueen has his homecoming. London was the city where he lived, where his heart was. The same exhibition (a bit smaller) was already shown in New York, at the Metropolitan Museum which attracted almost 700k visitors. I’m sure the London exhibition will be a great success as well.

The exhibition in London exists out of 240 pieces (both clothing and accessories) but is showed in a very intimate way. All divided by theme and in smaller (and sometimes darker) spaces. It really put the focus on the looks. And what I loved most, next to the stunning designs, were his quotes that are written on the walls. They did such a great job in showing his work as multiple stories, shown in intimate spaces. This exhibition really honours his talent and designs.

Underneath a lot of pictures of our day in London and the lovely atmosphere of the exhibition. Note that it was really hard to take pictures, I think the world fashion press was present for this press preview (check the one picture with all the people, cray cray!). :)




Want to visit this exhibition yourself? Definitely do! Read here more about the Savage beauty  exhibition.
Oh, and Eurostar has a special 2-for-1  program you should know of. They partnered up with 9 musea in London. When you take a friend, show your Eurostar ticket at the counter of the museum, one of you can enter for free!





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  • Elise

    Dit is echt wel prachtig! Zou ik kunnen combineren met een London Shopping spree. :)

  • Karlien – Polished Cats

    mooi! lijkt mij echt interessant om te zien

  • Nathalie

    had so much fun <3