Hi guys! My apologies for the radio silence of last week. Some of you know that I moved to Amsterdam last Monday. Well, it was a heck of a story! Let me spill the beans. First of all the bf left that morning with my car keys. Then when moving the car to my front door to put the last of my stuff in, I drove against something. Not that bad, but hey, it’s a new car. Stress much. I still had to arrange last minute things at our local town hall in Belgium and there I noticed that also my ID was still with the bf (once in a while he gets my parcels from the post office). After all the paperwork I finally started my trip to Amsterdam. Then there was this very kind snowstorm that made the trip very adventurous. A great way to check the new tyres and test the new car. After a 150 minute drive I finally got to my new home. Yay for the parking spot in front of my apartment. But then I was so absent-minded that I misspelled one character of my licence plate and bam: a fine of 55 euro. Hopefully I can arrange this, parking in Amsterdam is expensive as it is (I paid 36 euro for 24h). So Monday I became an expat, a Belgian girl living in Amsterdam. The famous street market ‘Albert Cuyp’ is just around my corner. So in order to recover from the hectic day I went for a walk there and ordered a ‘broodje kroket’ (a roll with a meat croquette), the signature dish of the Netherlands. :D Tuesday I had my first day at work and I’m very happy with this new challenge. Yesterday I got some time to install, unpack, decorate and run some errands. I passed by Ikea for this lovely coffee table set and laptop table that fits my new interior perfectly. The next step is my workspace. I’ll show you more pictures once I’m totally settled in.

As you can see Fleur de Sel is totally installed near the window as a true watchdog, waiting for things to happen. :) And what do you think of my pretty very-Dutch-style vase with tulips. I loved it so much, that I bought it in two sizes. :D With Albert Cuyp around the corner, I’ll buy flowers every week.



Drop by later this week, I have a lot of stories to tell and there’s this awesome giveaway coming up!




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  • http://www.goldenmirrorsandpinkbows.be/ Marlies (GM&PB)

    Oh, wat leuk! En je appartement ziet er alvast prachtig uit.
    Heel veel succes met wonen en werken in Amsterdam. Ik ken iemand die het gedaan heeft en ze vond het een prachtige ervaring!

  • http://modest-mix.blogspot.com/ Lys

    De living ziet er alvast super gezellig uit! Moet wel spannend zijn geweest, een hele verhuis en de nieuwe job. Veel succes met deze nieuwe uitdaging!

  • http://chroniclesofagingergirl.blogspot.be/ Nikki | The Ginger Diaries

    Je apartement ziet er super mooi uit! En hoe lief dat Fleur De Sel is meegereisd :D Veel succes in Nederland! xo

  • Laure

    Je appartement ziet er alvast supermooi uit! Veel plezier daar in Amsterdam!

  • http://www.curlsandbags.com/ Nathalie curlsandbags.com

    Ohneee zo kut om je trip zo te beginnen! Lang leve voor broodje kroket om het goed te maken! :D I wanna hear alllllll about it soon! xxx

  • http://www.kellysteenlandt.com/ Kelly

    Super mooi! Heel veel succes daar en vergeet die nare aanloop naar de verhuis maar snel. :)

  • http://tessvdm.wordpress.com/ Tess

    Wat een geweldig mooi appartement!

  • http://www.befitandfashionable.com/ Anouk Donkers

    Wauw! Het appartement ziet er super uit! Geniet ervan daar Xx

  • Lisa Deleu

    Wauw! Leuk appartementje! Ben benieuwd! Geniet ervan! X

  • http://www.theblondes.be/ Shira Knockaert

    Ziet er heel gezellig uit!! Succes daar!

  • http://lovelifelovefashion.be/ lovelifelovefashion

    Zooo verliefd op die vloer! Sounds like one hell of a ride trouwens. Maar ondertussen ben je waarschijnlijk wel helemaal geïnstalleerd? :D

    x Aurélie