I’m a true American series fan. Maybe ‘addicted’ would suit better.. Me and series, we have a history. It started all with boxes of Desperate Housewives, Heroes and Grey’s anatomy. I got tired to wait and wait until these series were sold in Belgium. Since then I started streaming series online.

I have a great tool, a website where you can check when all series are aired and available for streaming/downloading: the Pogdesign tv calender. Very easy if you want to keep up with your favorite series.

Series that I’m watching now are: Grimm, Gossip Girl, How I met your mother, The Big Bang Theory,  Once upon a time, Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, Desperate Housewives, Glee and Hart of Dixie.

Some series are very loved by fashionistas because of the instant style inspiration. First we had the legendary Sex in the City, then Gossip Girl (with stylist Eric Daman) came up and is still very popular when it comes to the outfitting of the cast. Since a few months I became a true fan of Hart of Dixie. Rachel Bilson is styled perfectly in every single episode. I really adore her style!

Underneath I’ve put some pictures that were taken during filming. What do you think?


If she wants to get rid of her closet, I’d gladly give her my address.. Who wouldn’t? ;)

(Pictures: Google Images and imdb.com)

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  • http://anoukmeetsfashion.blogspot.com/ Anouk Lannoo

    Echt een superleuke serie he! I love it :)

  • blogger_bp

    Hi!  I don’t watch Heart of Dixie, but yes, RB’s style is covet- worthy!  Approachable and fresh all the time, and yes, I would gladly give her my address to send all of her discards to too!  

    Just found your blog and I like it a lot!  =)