June, we’re in the ideal month to present you June! :) Me and June met a while back, when I took her to Barcelona for a bit of sun. (Amsterdam, I love you, but still, Barcelona is way ahead when it comes to sunny weather.) So when I had to go to Barcelona for work, I stayed an extra day to enjoy a ray of sunlight, do a bit of shopping and test my sunny friend June.

As you might have noticed, I have very fair skin. Put me in the sun, unprotected, and I’ll be a lobster in less than an hour. Oh, I forgot to mention my freckles, I’ve got plenty. While I used to tan in steps: burn – day in t-shirt – burn again – another day in t-shirt – pain … I’ve become very cautious with my skin. For one I use high protection: 30 and 50 SPF. And I try to mix suntime with shadowtime. And now with this new innovation, the Netatmo June bracelet, I won’t fear the Sun anymore.



I really liked the bracelet. For one, it’s very pretty. Even male friends noticed it and complimented me on my bracelet. But also the configuration is very quick and easy. I had to answer a few questions to define my skin type and connect my June to my phone and that was it. Easy peasy. While wandering through Barcelona and having lunch (and Cava) at the W hotel, I got a lot of updates and notifications. And when opening the app, I got a clear overview of my current status. Check the pictures underneath. But the app made me also aware how fast I reached my daily dosis of Sun. It’s really shocking. Time flies by and before you know it, it’s too late. That’s how it is with the Sun, you discover that you’re sunburnt once you’re inside.

As mentioned above, I really liked the bracelet. The fact that it’s really classy and is a fashion accessory is a big plus. But also for people with fair skintypes June can be a life savior. It’s easy to use and the notifications tell you what to do. The only ‘bad’ thing I can say is that I think it’s a bit expensive.

Underneath the pictures that I took when in barcelona. Pardon my palmtrees.

IMG_7503IMG_3955 IMG_7511 IMG_7506 IMG_7614 IMG_7615 IMG_7552 IMG_7502 IMG_3993 IMG_3967

The June bracelet costs about 129 euro and exists in colours gold, platina and grey. The bracelet comes with a leather and rubber band and a charging cable. You can buy it here.


What do you think about June?




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  • http://www.curlsandbags.com/ Nathalie curlsandbags.com

    Haha nice gadget!

  • http://www.modestmixblog.com/ Lys

    Oh da’s leuk zeg! En het is nog een mooie armband ook ;)

  • http://windowonmywardrobe.blogspot.be/ Sara – Window On My Wardrobe

    Waw hoe cool is dit! De prijs is me net wat te hoog voor een “gadget” armband, maar ik vind het echt een superidee!