How about you could create your perfect dream? Maybe you want your own little fairy tale with prince charming for one night.. Or maybe winning the jackpot and spend all that money would be a dream come true. What if you could choose your dreams? Is this possible??

Dream:on is the solution! This new app is recently available in the App store and more importantly: it’s totally FREE! I discovered it just yesterday, so to be honest, I have to test it! When reading about this app I had an instant ‘Inception’ feeling. I love to fantasize during daydreams about the most impossible things (who doesn’t??), so if I want prince charming the one night, and an unlimited VISA the other night (read: shoes, dresses, vintage, designer, Paris, Milan, New York.. sigh!!), well.. then you’ve got my attention!

You can find the app in the Apple App store, more information you can find here. Check out the video beneath to discover how it works exactly.


Did somebody test this already? Please share your thoughts! I’m very interested! :)

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