I love my city! Maybe you’ve heard of the latest Esprit campaign before since it’s been featured all over the web and also many bloggers have written about it. Anyway, I’ll tell you all about it. The Facehunter and Esprit collaborated with four bloggers for the “I love my city” campaign.

These female bloggers show you their hotspots in New York, Amsterdam, Paris and Hong Kong, all caught on camera by Swedish filmmaker Nils Ringmar and directed by Yvan Rodic, aka The Facehunter.

My alltime favourite? New York (where else?)! If you saw my Bucket List already, you’d know that New York is on number one! I really want to visit NYC and hope to plan it for 2013. Not only my love for NYC made me pick it, but also blogger Christina from Trop Rouge has a great blog and lovely style. In the video underneath she shows you around in the city of dreams and tells you where to go. And oh my, don’t you love her hair!! :)

“So excited to share with you my Esprit campaign called “I love My City”. I dragged Yvan from FaceHunter  all around NYC, showed him some of my favorite spots, got pushed in the pool, walked the highline and chowed down on Pomme Frites. Working with Esprit was something I had always dreamed of, I literally grew up with company always begging my mom to take me shopping there. There’s just something very organic and timeless about Esprit…
Sometimes when I’m being filmed  I get scared that my voice is going to sound weird or I’ll look psychotic ahah.
I’ve never been happier to share a video with you guys before…this is me in my city.”
Christina – Trop Rouge

I have to say that I also love all other cities. Amsterdam I did last year, loved the chill vibe overthere. Paris I did already multiple times and this Christmas we’ll be going there again. Hongkong is since few months also on my to-visit list. Don’t we want to see it all?

What do you think about the campaign and the bloggers? What is your favourite city? Do you know these hotspots?

Want to see more about the bloggers, Esprit or Facehunter? Find it here and here.



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