Want to collaborate with Second Agenda? Great! Let me tell you how I work and what the possibilities are. Second Agenda is a blog about fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle and exists since december 2011. I mainly work with brands and partners in these topics. Underneath you’ll see a list with brands that I collaborated with.

My blog is all about telling stories and experiences. My goal is to make everything very visual and personal. Collaborations are possible in many ways, from outfit posts to product reviews to press trips and hotel/restaurant reviews.





Since Second Agenda is a blog that tells stories about multiple topics, I’ll go by topic.


I’ve worked with multiple fashion brands already. Most of the time I create outfit posts that fit my style. I also review customer journeys and experiences of webshops. I rarely share just lookbooks of press releases, since I prefer to make every article personal.

Brands that I’ve collaborated with are Ichi, Zalando, JBC, Swatch, Polette, Firmoo, Guess, …


One of my goals is to see the world, or at least a LOT of it. I have a few destinations wishlisted and I’m always open to new unique experiences and destinations. As already mentioned above, my focus is on telling stories and sharing a very visual experience with my readers.

I would be happy to discover your destination or business, in Belgium, the Netherlands or abroad, depending on my agenda. I usually travel as a couple, however I do also travel solo, most of the time during individual press trips or press trips with other bloggers or journalists.

I love to write about hotspots, share visual diaries of unique experiences, hotel and restaurant reviews, … Always with a very visual focus.

During press trips or sponsored trips, I share my experiences through social media coverage (twitter, facebook, instagram, snapshat, see stats below at ‘RETURN’). After the trip, I will write one/multiple article(s) on Second Agenda including address/contact details of your business. Since articles won’t ever get deleted, you’ll get an online visibility for the years to come.

Examples and planned destinations

16/09/14        Opening Ibis City hotel in Rotterdam

24/10/14        Weekend getaway at the Pullman Brussels hotel

12/01/15         Serre Chevalier, Le Grand Bornand and La Clusaz with France Montagnes.

02/02/15        Amsterdam (for a looooooong time ;) ) – collabs to come :)

12/03/15         Savage Beauty exhibition with Eurostar

07/04/15        Prague with Czech Tourism (part 1 and part 2)

15/04/15         Barcelona

25/06/15        Benidorm (coming up) with JetairFly and VisitBenidorm

03/09/15        Ibiza

26/12/15         Dubai

As you can see, there is room for more destinations, experiences, … :)


I love beauty products and innovations. I love to test them and tell my experiences/musthaves on the blog. I only write about products that I have tested myself. If I make lists with products (e.g. a Christmas wishlist), then you can be certain that I have tested all the products on that list.


I’m a kid in a candy store when it comes to innovations, new products or services. I love to test new things and share this with my readers.

I already collaborated with brands as Philips, Braun, Acer, Osprey, Firmoo, Polette, Decathlon … in presenting and testing their innovations.


I’m also open to do a giveaway for my readers on Second Agenda. In the past I did giveaways with brands as Guess, Armani Exchange, Magnum, Oasis, …


Lots of possibilities, but what do you get in return? It’s no secret that bloggers have big influence on consumers and their spending behavior. On the one hand we offer lots of inspiration, on the other hand consumers find our articles/reviews/…  when browsing online to know more about a specific product, hotspot or destination. Either way, we influence their decision making.

If you collaborate with us, you will  get an online visibility unlimited in time since my articles, once published on Second Agenda, will be accessible to new readers for the years to come. This is the great advantage of blogs and online press: articles on Second Agenda will not end up in the trash.


What you’ll get in return

One/multiple articles on my blog (+links to your website, social media channels)
Lovely visual review with focus on pretty pictures (I shoot with a Canon EOS D70)
Coverage on Social Media
(1600 twitter followers, 400 facebook likers, 8000 instagram followers)
6000 monthly blog visitors on average

More about Second Agenda

Exists since december 2011
Blog language: English which makes my blog understandable worldwide
Over 500 articles published
Overall female readership (16-45 year)
Readers out of multiple countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, USA, Germany, ..


You like a collaboration with Second Agenda? Drop me an email with your proposal at grietje@secondagenda.be. I’ll reply to your email asap.

Looking forward to it!