Hello all! Today I’ll share my second part of my Benidorm review. Where I focussed on sporty activities in my first article, I’ll focus on hotspots and lots of yum today. Just before the press trip I bought myself a pencil skirt. Of course I took it with me, as one of my outfit options. But during the last evening, while trying out multiple outfits, I just barely fit into my new pretty pencil skirt. Biggest proof that Benidorm is full of yummy food!

I put all the hotspots in a map underneath. The good thing is, that Carola from Visit Benidorm is a true local, so I’m sure that she picked out all the great places. From very authentic to very classy, everybody will find his or her match. And yay, I’m sharing them all with you. No secrets, I swear.



Note that I did not share all the food we ate. You’ll think that it’s a lot, but know that we ate even more.

Mojito’s at Playa Pequena

This mojito bar is a must-visit. Next to a classic mojito, you can pick out of multiple delicious mojitos with extras like coconut, mango, watermelon, … And they were sooooo good! Like… really good!!!

1609875_464091530425478_6304636593031950516_n IMG_8739


Authentic lunch in the street at Casa de la Portuguesa

Our first lunch in Benidorm was very authentic, and very yum. Sitting in a little street, you can enjoy a lovely lunch in a peaceful atmosphere. We were in love with the homemade aioli and authentic dishes. The owner was superfriendly.

Foto 25-06-15 13 41 40 Foto 25-06-15 14 13 06

Tapas revisited at Solotula

Solotula is a trendy restaurant located in the city center. You can eat a lot of authentic tapas with a twist, all made by a very young chef with a passion for pure ingredients and refreshing tastes.

Foto 25-06-15 20 56 40 Foto 25-06-15 21 48 28 Foto 25-06-15 22 26 41

Iberico tasting at El Mesón

One of Spain’s known export products is Iberico. During a tasting at El Mesón, we discovered Iberico to the fullest. We tasted Abanico, Mogote, Secreto and Pluma. I would definitely recommend it, thinking about it makes me hungry again.

Foto 26-06-15 14 23 38 Foto 26-06-15 14 52 41 Foto 26-06-15 15 12 52 Foto 26-06-15 16 12 55

Tapas galore at Aurrera

Benidorm has a tapas street filled with restaurants where you can both sit and stand and taste a lot of local cuisine and wine. It made me think of the local places in Barcelona where I always go. Very Spanish and authentic.

Foto 26-06-15 22 11 33 Foto 26-06-15 23 51 34

Dinner with a view at Belvedere

A dinner with a view on the Benidorm skyline, that was the perfect closure of this press trip. Rooftop bars and restaurants are popping up. This lovely restaurant can be found at the top floor of the Madeira hotel. In the hotel there is a bar as well, so before dinner, you can have a lovely drink with an even lovelier view.

Foto 27-06-15 21 24 08 IMG_8985

Foto 27-06-15 22 32 14 Foto 27-06-15 22 33 11 Foto 28-06-15 00 01 14

Paella at Ulia

If you like to enjoy a gastronomic dinner in a peaceful atmosphere with view on Poniente beach, then Ulia is the place to go. Also here the Aioli is very yum (I might have gotten a little thing for Aioli). Specialty of the house is Paella, definitely a mustvisit.

Foto 27-06-15 15 10 44 Foto 27-06-15 15 14 37 Foto 27-06-15 15 39 02

Cocktails and magic at Ku Lounge

Benidorm has lots of bars and nightlife spots, but the ideal place to start is the Ku Lounge located at Levante Beach. You can chill in cosy seats, enjoy a good cocktail (or two) and watch a magician play his tricks at your table. I really liked it here. We did not go dancing, but Ku has also a club in Benidorm.

Foto 27-06-15 01 37 04

(photo’s all taken with my iPhone, sorry for the bad quality)


For so far my hotspots list. No worries, I did some running and my pencil skirt fits me just fine again. But beware, as you can see Benidorm has a lot of great places to indulge… :)







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    Haha wow we hebben echt wel veel gegeten op die paar dagen

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    Bij Benidorm denk ik altijd aan ‘ouw peekes’ maar zo te zien hebben ze er echt wel een goeie keuken!