Hi guys. Two weeks ago I was in Spain for a press trip, more specifically in Benidorm. You might have seen the pictures pop by on Twitter and Instagram. When I got this invitation, my thoughts went back to my tourism classes in secondary school. What I learned back then is the same what most of you will know of this Spanish destination: tons of old people and drunk British tourists. Yes indeed, the image of Benidorm could really use a boost. Curiosity hit me, I really wanted to check out for myself if all the clichés were true or not. I also knew that Benidorm is working on its image and investing in hip and luxurious places and things to do. But yes, you’ll see a lot of happy extremely tanned old people. I thought it was actually cute to see these romantic couples walking hand in hand or riding their tandem-carts. Yes you’ll also see funny English-dressed-up drunk tourists. But to be honest, people-watching is one of my dirty habits, so I did not really mind. I always wanted to learn the ‘Geordie Shore’ accent, but I think it’s a bit too hard. But in the end, the clichés are specifically located at and around Levante beach. Once you go to Poniente beach or the old city center, you’ll discover another part of Benidorm.

Now lets skip the clichés and check what you all can do here. We’re still in Spain in a sunny and beachy location, plenty of fun things to do! Today I’ll share the first part of my report. In this post the focus will be on an active Benidorm. No drinks, no food, only active things to do. :)

So get your beach bums ready for some action!


For one, as a beach destination, there are a lot of water activities you can do. There are a lot of sports to choose from: you can waterski, jetski, cable ski, windsurf, paraglide, scuba diving, kayak … You name it, they have it. I started my birthday with a jetski tour, which was big fun. And also the kayak tour in plain sea was an adventure. One of us fell overboard, so we had a whole teambuilding experience. We learned how to do ‘platforming’, a technique used in emergency cases where you make a platform with all kayaks. After that the with-water-filled-kayak was pulled over the platform to get all the water out. That was a heck of a job. And then it’s only getting the person back in the kayak. Piece of cake. (NOT). But still, the view is amazing, and it’s an amazing team activity.

PIC_0046 (1) PIC_0023

Jeep Safari

We did a great Jeep safari with Marco Polo, a Belgian business located in the heart of Benidorm. You can go there for a lot of group activities to renting a bike. Also the kayak trip above was via Marco Polo. The jeep safari was big fun. We stopped at great places with amazing views. We smelled fresh thyme and rosemary. Definitely an activity I would recommend to traveling friends.

IMG_4801 IMG_1650 IMG_4792 (2)


Swimming in waterfalls

During our jeep safari we stopped at the Algar waterfalls. Unfortunately we were not wearing our swimsuits, otherwise I would definitely had a swim.

IMG_4818 IMG_4823

Hiking/Biking with a view

Benidorm is known for its pretty coastline. Even on the airplane the pilots mentioned to look outside and enjoy the view. I experienced the view for myself during a biking/hiking tour we did. Next to the two main beaches Levante and Poniente, there are also a lot of small beaches that can be reached by bike or foot. In Amsterdam I’m on my bike at least once a day, at Benidorm it’s not so common.

IMG_1712 IMG_1903 IMG_1801

Amusement parks

In the proximity of the city you have multiple amusement parks. We checked out water park Aqualandia and the Terra Mitica park. They were both really big and the perfect spot for families who want to enjoy something else during their stay. I’m not a big fan of amusement parks, but I liked the water park with the hot Spanish temperatures.


Benidorm wants to focus on local shops and boutiques, so you’ll find no foreign brands there. BUT! They have a big Zara, Massimo Dutti and Parfois shop, which to me is already a big deal. Benidorm is no Barcelona (where you can shop all day), but if you need a new outfit, beach wear, … You’ll definitely find your share.


For so far my first report about my Benidorm press trip. In a next one I’ll share some facts about Benidorm and a lot of culinary hotspots.




Want to know more? Visit the Benidorm Tourism website for more information. JetairFly offers flights to Alicante, which is only a 30 minute drive to Benidorm.


Big thank you to Carola, Jo, travelbuddy Nathalie and the great group of journalists I met for this great trip!







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  • http://polishedcats.blogspot.com/ Karlien – Polished Cats

    amaai da lijkt mij echt wel een zalige reis! kwist niet dat er zoveel te doen was in benidorm, dit opent perspectieven haha :D

  • http://www.theblondes.be/ Shira Knockaert

    Ziet er een leuke en vooral actieve trip uit! Benidorm is dus niet enkel voor oudjes… :-)

  • http://www.sprinklesonacupcake.com SprinklesOnACupcake

    Bij Benidorm denk je inderdaad al snel aan oude mensjes op een Blankenberge-achtige dijk ;) Maar wat is het daar mooi en zoveel te doen!! Leuke foto’s!