Hi all! At the moment it’s almost 3 months since I moved to Amsterdam. A lot has changed, I really needed time to adjust. For one, I can sleep 2 hours longer now. :) In Belgium I had to commute 3 hours a day, so it was waking up very early every morning. At the moment I sleep until 7 AM (the hour where I used to start working, crazy early-me). And I still have problems to get out of my bed. I live alone now (full story here) and cooking, more specifically cooking healthy is something I still should work on. Hail to Albert Heijn and their prepared salads, soups, … But I’m getting sporty: I took me only a week to get a bike, a typical ‘grandma bike’ that is so popular here. I use it every day. In Belgium I did not own a bike, everything by car. Even the supermarket that was only 500 metres away. Lazy me. :) But biking in a city full of tourists is not everything. To be honest, I’ve always been somebody who swears in traffic. In your car, nobody can hear you so it doesn’t really matter. But on a bike, that’s a whole other story. But luckily my Flemish accent sounds very ‘exotic’ in The Netherlands, so they don’t really understand me well. :) But to keep the general story short: the cars hate the bikers (because they pop up instantly and you have to have 4 eyes) and the bikers hate the pedestrians (because they just cross the street without looking, very frustrating).

I while back I discovered this reflective vest from Bench, I really like it. It’s really made for (Amsterdam) city life. If you’re on your bike, or you’re going for a run, it comes in very handy because of its reflective material. They will definitely see you coming, that’s for sure! Definitely in the evening and with these Spring temperatures a vest is very welcome. It’s very light, has a slim fit, has thumb holes and mesh ventilation pockets. And since Amsterdam has the same weather conditions as in Belgium, the hood comes in quite handy as well.

Underneath a sporty city life look with the Bench reflective vest. I live near Sarphati Park in De Pijp Amsterdam, this is a tiny but lovely park that was the location for this outfit. I’ll definitely have a picnic (or two) when the weather gets better.

IMG_3087 IMG_3104 IMG_3085 IMG_3114 IMG_3076 IMG_3061

Pictures by Anouk

Outfit details

reflection vest – Bench c/o
top – & other stories
loafers – H&M






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    zalige jas! al een echte amsterdamse aan het worden gij ;)